Tuesday, February 2, 2010


I have always heard of "pregnancy brain." The unexplained phenomenon that strikes normally intelligent pregnant women and robs them of the ability to think logically. I have to admit, I didn't believe that pregnancy brain was real. I didn't understand how being pregnant would affect one's ability to think. I thought it was just an excuse pregnant women used for occasionally saying the wrong thing or failing to come up with a correct answer.

I was wrong.

At almost five months pregnant, I wholeheartedly believe in pregnancy brain. It has definitely hit me. I have always been kind of ditzy. Don't get me wrong, I'm very book smart. I can show you my law school transcripts to prove it. But I am totally lacking in common sense. I've got the book smarts, not so much with the street smarts. My parents use to cry, "we don't understand! You are so smart but you have absolutely no common sense!"

So I'm used to my lack of common sense and the occasional dumb comment. But lately, I just feel like a moron. There are so many weird pregnancy symptoms that I was unprepared for, pregnancy brain being one of them. The runny nose is another one that I wasn't expecting. Who knew being pregnant resulted in a perpetual runny nose? I am very thankful that so far my pregnancy has been relatively easy, I just worry that this means my child will be a little devil when he gets here!

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  1. OH NO when I read this post I was thinking whatever pregnancy brain is just a myth, now with your words ringing in my ears I am going to go and cry. Not looking forward to that.