Sunday, February 28, 2010

Bulldog Beauties

Today Brady, Frank, Mickey, and I went to the Bulldog Beauty Contest in Long Beach. Frank and Mickey were very excited to go down there and see all the bullies.

We didn't enter Frank and Mickey. We really just went to walk around and see all the bullies. It ended up being a gorgeous day and there were bullies everywhere! There was definitely a whole lotta butt sniffing happening.

What a sleepy bullie. That's the problem with bullies, when they get sleepy, they get sleepy and you end up having to lug them around. Which is no easy feat.

A lot of the girl bullies had tutus. Mickey is definitely getting one for next year.

Princess Bullie! Ok, maybe Mickey will be a princess next year.

Or a daisy, so cute! I'm loving the Coach leash.

Frank can be an old school football player. Bullies are such good sports.

There were also lots of pugs and French bullies. It was a festival of smushy faces and slightly labored breathing.

After the contest, we went to Bono's on Second Street for lunch. It's an awesome Italian restaurant. The burger and tuna melt were amazing. Frank thought he was going to get a little bite. He was wrong.

Two begging bullies. Actually they were very good while we ate. They were asleep underneath the table for most of the time. I love Long Beach, particularly the Second Street area. It's so dog friendly and cute. I was so happy our dogs were well behaved too. I, on the other hand, tried to make a break for it and run into a shoe store. Brady definitely stopped me before I could go anywhere!

It was a super fun day but not without its mishaps. Poor little Mickey hurt her paw. She is not happy about her bandage. My poor little baby!

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  1. I was smiling at all the photo you took. Those are some darn cuttie bullies. And I am SURE if you would have entered your babies they would have won!