Tuesday, February 9, 2010

A Little Alone Time

I make no representation that Brady and I are a perfect couple. We are not. In fact, we don't even have much in common. We like different movies, music, books, etc. (For the record: my taste is much better, Brady is so mainstream.) But for some crazy reason, we work as a couple, we work well, and we work in a way that is good for us.

Cypress Point, 2006.

There are some things that as a couple we are really, really good at. For example, we are really good at spending time apart. I know that sounds weird, why would that be a good thing? But I think it is an important skill as a couple to be able to spend some time apart without breaking down, with being able to trust each other. It's important to have separate interests and separate lives or else you'll never have anything to talk about!

Engagement Picture, 2008.

I started thinking about thinking about this because Brady is going to Vegas in March without me. He's going for March Madness and I know that he will be spending the entire time in the sports book. And I'm not going because I don't want to. It's not because I'm pregnant. It's because I don't want to spend an entire weekend watching sports. That is so not my cup of tea. Anytime that Brady's Vegas trips center around a sporting event, I stay home.

Our Wedding, October 11, 2008.

So Brady will go off to Vegas and I will stay home, watching crappy reality television and letting the dogs sleep in the bed. And I won't be mad that he goes to Vegas and he won't be mad that I didn't go with him. I will miss him of course, and I'll be more than happy to see him when he gets home but I'll survive a weekend without him.

Cancun, 2008.

I really like and appreciate that we have mastered this skill of spending time apart as a couple. Everyone needs a little time alone at some point. And of course, Brady knows that when he goes on a trip without me he is expected to bring me a present.

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  1. Presents are always nice and it is so true it is very important to be able to be together as well as apart. Maybe we could plan a shopping day while he is away and look at a ton of cutie baby things :) or cook something yummy for the blog, or both :)