Monday, February 22, 2010

The Quest to Find the One

When Brady and I got engaged I attacked wedding planning with a vengence. Within two months of getting that ring on my finger I had my venue, photographer, and d.j. booked with depsoits paid. And then I did nothing, for months. The last two months of our engagement were spent scrambling. I had my dress hemmed without the shoes I was going to wear because I bought my wedding shoes days before the wedding (and my dress ended up being way too long). I didn't have a florist until almost six weeks before the wedding. I spent many nights getting only a few hours of sleep because I was stuffing favors, printing invitations, figuring out my seating chart. And I was horrifically busy with work for those last couple of months. It was a stressful, stressful time. A lot of wine was consumed.

I am trying to not procrastinate as much with my pregnancy. So at 23 weeks pregnant, I have officially begun my daycare search. I have been thinking about daycare for a while. I considered a nanny, in home daycare and a daycare center. I've ruled out the nanny. First of all, I need full time coverage, and a full time nanny costs a ridiculous amount of money. Second of all, you have to worry about the taxes, the liability of having someone work in your home, and if your nanny calls in sick you have to have a back up plan. The nanny thing just wasn't going to work out for me.

That leaves in home daycares and daycare centers. I have a bunch of tours scheduled over the next couple of weeks and more that I want to contact. I'll be asking lots of questions about ratios, licensing, nap schedules, feeding schedules, cleanliness, and curriculum. Yes, even infants have curriculum. One place teaches baby sign language. Hopefully they teach the parents too, I don't want my baby signing a bunch of stuff to me while I'm standing there just looking confused.

A lot of these daycares look very promising and I'm very much relieved that there are so many options. I'm excited to start touring them and find a great place for my little one.


  1. Good idea for not procrastinating, who knows how you are gonna feel that last trimester and god knows you wont be able to destress yourself with wine this time!

  2. Haha! My daycare center teaches baby sign language and, yes, the parents learn too! It's supposed to help with communication frustration before babies can talk. I think I'll believe it when I see it!