Wednesday, April 21, 2010

My Reality

I like to read other people's blogs. I think its because I'm a wee bit nosy and reading other people's blogs allows me a glimpse into someone else's life. I read the blogs of my real life friends and I read the blogs of complete strangers. I am particularly focused on working mom blogs. Mainly because I like to read about how other women manage to work and raise a family, that it's ok to not be perfect in everything you do, and that working and parenting can be done simultaneously.

Lately, I keep coming across lots of opinion pieces regarding the "mommy wars." The working moms v. the stay at home moms. Breast feeding v. formula feeding. Baby wearing v. strollers. The list goes on and on. I have written about the mommy wars before, I think they are unnecessary and silly. Women should not bash each other because they happen to make different choices.

I think the working v. the staying at home is probably the most heated argument in the mommy wars. I hear lots of comments about both these choices and most of them annoy me. I hate when people say "you can't put your kid in daycare, they'll get sick" because I know plenty of babies that have stay at home moms that get sick. Kids get sick. It happens. I also don't like when people say that stay at home moms don't work. If stay at home moms don't work, then why do I need to hire someone to take care of my kid while I'm in the office?

Like most pointless arguments, I think the working v. staying at home one stems from ignorance. Stay at home moms don't understand the working moms and vice versa so they lash out at each other. And I have a solution for this ignorance, a reality show. Starring me. Ok not just me, but me and my stay at home mom best friend. We've already made a pact to not judge each other for our choices. And we are cute and interesting. So we would make a great reality show. It could chronicle her at home, raising her son and me going to work and raising my son. Ok, I need a son first. This show will have to wait till September when I have a son and I go back to work. This gives me plenty of time to develop the show and pitch my idea to producers. And get my friend to agree to be on the show.

It will be great, we'll have the show and then we'll write a book and go on a book tour and then we'll be on Dancing with the Stars and then we'll develop our own line of clothing and maybe a perfume. This is genius!


  1. You are nuts! Although I do like the idea of a book tour...and clothing design...and perfume...maybe a line of home decor...a movie based on our lives! Ok, maybe I'm on board. But then, I wouldn't be just a stay at home mom, I'd be a working reality show mom. And once we made all our money, you would be a stay at home mom. Insanity!

  2. Courtney, it's Adriane. Your blog cracks me up!!! I love blog stalking, hence how I found your blog (from Natalies). Anyway....I'm a stay at home who works from home. Which is also tough work. A lot of people give me crap because I get to stay at home and it's not really work and blah blah blah, but it's HARD to manage work life and home life all the in same environment. So if you do decide to do that reality show, let me know ;)

  3. Can I please be featured in this reality series too? I'm thinking it would be good to do a comparison also... like of my life while I'm on maternity leave for 5 months and then when I return to work full time, what do you think?

  4. People should just mind their own business, and then everyone would get along! :)

  5. Staying at home while working from home, I didn't think of that combo! See there are stories to be told, people would totally watch this show. And I love the comparison angle, Julia you should definitely blog about that!