Thursday, April 22, 2010

Back To My Roots

Today I had a mediation. Typically my mediations start with both parties in one room, the other side states what they want and then I caucus with my clients to see what we would like to present as our counter-offer.

We were very far apart in what the other side wanted and what my client was willing to offer. Once we realized that we were not going to settle, my caucus with my client turned into a bit of a chit chat situation while we waited for the mediator to come talk to us. I was with a few other women and, as women do, they started gossiping about people they work with. Women A and Women B started arguing about the hair color of one of their co-workers. Women A insisted it was brown, Women B argued blonde and said, "don't you know what blonde is? So what color is Courtney's hair?"

And I froze. In utter embarrassment. Because truthfully, my hair is both brown and blonde. The top part is brown, the bottom part is blonde. I have some mayjuh roots going on. And I'm not happy about it. I have naturally brown hair but I was just meant to be a blonde, it's in my blood. So every few months I pay a lot of money to be blonde. So Women A is staring at me and I'm thinking, "this is horrible, she can't decide which color it is because it's both, I'm such a mess."

And then Women A says, "brown." Ahhhhh! Stick a knife straight threw my heart and turn it a few times why doncha ya!?! I replied, "it will be blonde next week, I have an appointment." And thank heavens I do.

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