Thursday, April 8, 2010

Money Matters

I am constantly complaining that I am broke. Just about every day I whine to someone that I don't have any money. It is usually just my sister so not a lot of people have to hear this. The thing is, I am not actually broke, I have money in savings, my bills are paid, I'm not going hungry. But I don't always have the money to do the extra things that I want, like spend $300 to have my hair highlighted or $800 on new window dressings for the house. I have expensive taste and when I can't buy everything I want, I whine that I am broke.

In addition to my sister, I whine about being broke to my husband. In fact, he's pretty sick of hearing about it. He tells me to budget, watch what I spend, and I do, but that still doesn't put the extra $1,000 in my bank account to buy the new purse that I want.

Tonight, after work, I stopped at the grocery store for a couple of items. Right in front of the checkout line there is a table of delicious looking single servings of cake from the bakery. For $1.99, what a deal! A huge slice of chocoalte cake for $1.99? This prego lady says heck yes to that! So I buy one and bring it home, very excited, and share my deal with my husband who cannot believe that I spent an entire $1.99 on one slice of cake. He tells me this is why I'm broke, because I waste money buy doing things like spending $1.99 on one slice of cake. I don't think so. I'm broke because my jeans cost $200 and my tiny tube of tinted moisturizer is $50. Not because I spend $1.99 on a slice of cake.

So, while I cannot afford to to buy lots of extra fancy things right now (like a Petunia Picklebottom diaper bag), I am going to enjoy my $1.99 piece of cake and think of all the wonderful things I do have in my life, such as a great husband, family, friends, bullies, my health, and remember that I am not broke at all, but actually quite rich.

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  1. I just looked up that diaperbag, it is AWSOME. You do have amazing taste :) I second that.