Sunday, April 25, 2010

Facial Fail

Today I got a facial at The Spa in South Coast Plaza. I had a gift certificate that was almost a year old and I thought I better use it before it's value decreases or something weird like that. My skin is also worse than it was in junior high thanks to all the pregnancy hormones. So off to The Spa I went to get scrubbed and buffed.

I have gotten a few facials before so I knew what to expect. I let them know that I am pregnant so they could adjust the products accordingly. I was very excited for my facial, I looked forward to it all day on Saturday like a kid on Christmas Eve. And then it turned out to be a total fail.

The Spa was very nice and swanky. My facialist (I'm not sure what you call the person giving the facials) was extremely pleasant and accommodating. And I can assure you that accommodating an 8 month pregnant woman is no easy feat, just ask my husband. But I just could not get comfortable in the spa chair thing. My back was throbbing and despite having her adjust the chair numerous times, it never stopped. I really wanted to lay on my side but that doesn't work so well with the facial. I kept getting really hot and having to stop to get some water. All the aromatherapy smells, which usually I love, were making me nauseous. And Baby Brady was holding a dance party in my uterus. Feeling the baby move is an awesome experience and I love it, but as he gets bigger and stronger it is starting to feel more like a punch in the gut rather than cute little baby movements.

I almost ended the facial early, but for the sake of my pores I stuck it out. And now I'm all shiny and clean. So I didn't exactly have the relaxing experience I was hoping for, I hope my hair appointment is more successful.

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