Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Introducing Sprout

My family is still reeling from the heart breaking loss of Maddie. In the healing process, my parents decided to open their house and hearts to another puppy.

Allow me to introduce you to Sprout.

Sprout is a fiesty, sweet, playful, scrappy little puppy. She already loves my mom, and whimpers when she doesn't get to sleep in the bed with her. Which means that she is now sleeping in the bed with my mom.

Maddie will forever be remembered in our hearts. Her picture is still prominently displayed in my parents' house. She was such a special little puppy and she will never be replaced. But I'm glad that my mom is able to have such a little lovebug like Sprout to ease the pain just a bit.


  1. So adorable. Makes me want to go get Baby E a buddy!

  2. Sometimes the best thing for a lost pet is giving a chance to another to help heal.