Wednesday, October 21, 2009


Today I had lunch with a friend, and I pigged out. I had half a ham and swiss sandwich with dijonaisse and a bowl of beef chili. This is definitely pigging out by my standards. But I was hungry, no starving, and if I didn't eat something big and comforting I was going to die, seriously.

So after lunch I send this text, "I had lunch with [friend]. I know she was judging what I ate." But, I sent the text to the friend I had lunch with, it was meant for someone else, but I accidentally sent it to her.

She texted back, graciously, that she was not judging me. Feeling very embarrassed, I confessed to her that I felt really guilty about what I had eaten and that I know she wasn't judging me and I need to not worry about what other people think of me. We then had a very interesting conversation about eating, healthy eating, worrying about what other people think, jealousy, etc. What was originally an accident, turned out to be a very fruitful conversation of the pressures we feel in dieting and in everyday life. We lamented the fact that girls just worry about what others think of them and that boys are lucky because they just have technology envy and you can buy electronics.

So here are my life lessons that I learned from this little incident:

1. A good friend will, and does, understand all your insecure feelings and confessing these feelings makes you feel not so alone in the world.

2. Everyone, at some point, is jealous of someone else for something be it inconsequential or not. We are human, these feelings are going to happen and we should not beat ourselves up about it.

3. My friend really does not give a damn about what I eat for lunch.

Later in the day, I recounted this story to my sister and told her what I ate for lunch. Her response was "Damn!" So much girls not judging each other!

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  1. Wow that is a GREAT friend. Just think how easy it would be if all women could be so insightful to talk about the things that bother them.