Sunday, October 11, 2009

Anniversary Trip, Part One

This past weekend was our first wedding anniversary. Brady took on the task of planning the festivities since I planned the wedding, it seemed only fair. Brady is a master of the surprise trip, so I had no idea where we were going.

Brady wanted to hit the road early, so we started off with breakfast from McDonald's.

This was good, because I was a tad cranky from having to get up early and I freaked out at the last minute about what to pack since I didn't know where I was going. My sausage breakfast burrito with no sausage and no cheese calmed me down. Yes, I order a sausage burrito without sausage. I've argued with many a McDonald's employee about this order but it can be done.

I was convinced we were going to the hotel where we spent our wedding night, the Laguna Cliffs Mariott. But then we got on the 5 and started heading North. Soon enough, we were on the 101 North. I was texting my sister about my whereabouts just in case Brady was planning to ditch me in the mountains, you never know.

So we pass Los Angeles, pass the Valley, and are heading towards Santa Barbara. Brady says, if you could eat lunch anywhere you wanted to in Santa Barbara, where would it be? Our first stop was Santa Barbara! I picked my favorite pizza joint from college and we headed towards UCSB.

Brady and I have never been to Santa Barbara together. It was so much fun to show him the campus, where I used to live, my sorority house. We walked all over the campus. UCSB is known for its students use of bikes, but I was surprised to see an actual lane for skateboarders. In college, I was afraid of the skateboarders, I could hear them coming from behind me and they are all over the place, I never knew what side I should step to or if they were going to crash into me. Of course Brady and I were the dorks who were the only people on the sidewalk and managed to walk in the skateboard lane and almost get run over.

Brady took me to the UCSB bookstore so I could get a license plate holder. My UCSB Alumni license plate holder broke off and I was totally bummed about it. But now I have a shiny new one. Now, I just need a shiny new car.

I posed in front of Storke Tower pretending I was a high school student looking at colleges. It was strange being back on campus, seeing where my classes were and my old dorm. I can't wait to go to Ann Arbor so that Brady can show me University of Michigan.

We had lunch at Gio's, my absolute favorite pizza in college. I was a rebel in college, I did not like Woodstock's. A slice of cheese and salad with ranch, sooooo good. The ranch is amazing. No wonder I was chubby in college.

So simple and delicious. This pizza place was across the street from my sorority house, I was seriously there all the time. Again, I was a little chubby in college. The year after I graduated I lost a ton of weight simply from not eating pizza and drinking beer everyday. Ah, college was fun.

After lunch we got back on the road. Our next stop was Solvang. I had never been to Solvang, even though it's really close to UCSB, and always wanted to see it.

Solvang is such a cute little town, it's full of windmills and little old ladies dressed up in Dutch costumes selling kitchy souveniers. Brady had me pose by the horses. I was a little afraid of them and they definitely could tell.

After Solvang, we were on the road again. We kept heading North, I still had no idea where we were headed!

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  1. Goodness sounds sooooo exciting. Congrads on hitting your one year anniversary!