Sunday, November 13, 2011

One Drink Minimum

Our Saturday night was cuh-razy. First we went out to dinner with another couple and their 13 month old son. Two wiggly toddlers in a restaurant was quite the challenge. The other mom and I ordered a glass of wine and joked how there is a one drink minimum at dinner because with a toddler you don't have time to have two and forget about ordering dessert.

Then we rushed home to meet our babysitter because the husband and I actually went on a date! We had a gift card to a really nice restaurant by our house, high up on a hill with amazing views (thanks Dad!).

We sat on the outside patio, ordered drinks, and chatted. When it got too chilly we moved inside to the piano bar and made fun of the stupid drunk people from the wedding held at the restaurant. I saw multiple people climb into the backseats of cars while still holding their glass of wine.

As seen above, we enjoyed martinis. Pre-baby, one of my classic drinks was a dirty vodka martini with extra olives (bonus if the olives are blue cheese stuffed). I don't think I've had one since Leo was born because this drink is basically a cup of booze and while I can handle my wine, vodka is whole different story. So I had one of these and I was feeling so good, I ordered some foofy hibiscus martini which was pink and sweet and I don't even know what was in it.

We had a lovely date, just talking, being romantic, reconnecting, blah, blah, blah. When we got home, Leo woke up about four times throughout the night. After sleeping for shit and my martinis (plus the wine from dinner) I woke up feeling like pure fucking hell. I was hungover. I have not been legitimately hungover in a long time. Maybe once while Leo was an infant and that was a combo of hangover + stomach flu. While that sucked, it wasn't that bad. Just thaw out some breastmilk, give the kid a bottle and let him stare out whatever developmentally stimulating toy we had.

Hungover with a toddler? That shit is hard. He was bouncing all over the place, wanting to play, climb, jump off the couch, etc. I dragged myself downstairs, got him some milk and turned on the t.v. At least it was PBS kids. I'll take my mother of the year award now, thanks. Finally the husband woke up and took over for me. I ended up being able to go back to sleep and it was glorious. I felt horrific that I had to lay down because I had too much to drink before. And then I felt bad that one glass of wine and 2 martinis was considered too much to drink (I'm getting old!).

The only thing that got me out of bed and snapped me out of the depths of my hangover was me remembering that I had to get the crockpot going to start my latest pinterest recipe.

The morals of my story are: when you have a baby don't try to drink like you did before said baby, hangovers with a toddler are miserable, and pinterest will cure your hangover. You're welcome.

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