Friday, November 4, 2011

Day Four

Here I am at Day Four of National Blog Posting Month and I'm already running out of steam. The challenge is to post every day for the month of November, including weekends. Just a little daunting. Since it's Friday and I'm really tired, I'm just going to do a list of random things:

- How many teeth do 16 month olds get? Because I feel like Leo has been teething for-fucking-ever. I love that little man but I am over the whiny and the drool and the nasty teething poops.

- Pinterest may be my downfall at work. I have this appellate brief to write and I just do not want to write it. So I play on pinterest. It is terrible and I'm ashamed to admit but I'm sick of wading through pages of testimony.

- I started Christmas shopping this past week and I feel so on top of this holiday already! I'm sure I'll be scrambling at the last minute for something but I will enjoy my feeling of accomplishment while it lasts.

- While I may have gotten a head start on Christmas, my Halloween decorations are still up. And it poured rain today. So my cobwebs on the bushes in the front are now, I don't even know, but they don't look easy to remove.

- I hate U.S.C. football.

- This week I found this video:

My mom bought a VHS of this 1968 Christmas special from the bargain bin at Pic n Save (now called Big Lots). And we loved it so much but the VHS has long been lost. I was so excited to find it, I even cried a little while watching it. Also, I remember being so embarrassed to go to Pic n Save and worried that I would see someone that I knew. And then my mom pointed out that, if I did run into someone I knew than that person would be at Pic n Save too so there is nothing to be embarrassed about.

Ok, that's all I got. Expect some more fluff over the weekend and hopefully some substance next week.


  1. Ugh I have no idea what to post today either.

    Please explain teething poop.

  2. Teething poop is awful, mushy, paste-like, smells way worse than normal, funky colored (like yellow) horribleness. I've really only noticed it since Leo has been on cow's milk and eating real food. The teething poops didn't really happen when he was still breastfeed so you have some time :)