Thursday, November 3, 2011

A Board Marriage

My husband and I have this really terrible habit. We've been doing it ever since we moved in together before we were married (gasp! I know, so sinful). We've tried to stop doing it. We've talked it over, we've bickered about it, dare I say, we even yelled about it.

We are addicted to our laptops. Not just our laptops. The laptop plus the internet.

At the end of the day when we finally get around to relaxing on the couch, we sit on opposite ends of the couch and play on our laptops. He's reading sports blogs, ESPN, news, and the Drudge Report. I'm tweeting, pinning, blogging, and facebooking with a healthy dose of gossip sites. We still talk but our hands are glued to the keyboard. There are plenty of "hey did you hear about..." or "watch this video, it's hilarious!"

We've tried putting the laptops away to watch movies or a tv show but inevitably we will see an actor that we can't remember or the name of a song and we feel the compulsive need to google.

I know it's horrible; but we are lawyers. We talk and argue and explain all freaking day long. It's exhausting. Then we come home to parent and it's all "row, row, row your boat," "Leo don't lick the dog," "Leo don't climb on that," and reading the counting book with the moose five million times. By the time we get to the couch, we are just all talked out.

However, at the urging of my husband, we have started to slightly change. We have instituted game night.

It started with Trivial Pursuit, then I bought Scrabble and now we have a brand new Monopoly waiting to be played. We don't play every night (dude, Scrabble is hard and you need some brain power for it, I don't have that every night). But it has been shockingly fun to turn off the tv and laptops and play a game. Normally, I despise games, especially of the board variety, but I actually look forward to playing now.

We have not completely given up our old ways. It's 9:30 pm and I'm on my laptop and he's reading Car and Driver magazines (research for a new car which we do not need and I oppose because I'd rather buy fancy art and a flat screen for our bedroom, you know, first world problems). Bad habits die hard but I feel like we are taking a tiny step to reconnecting and getting back to basics. We don't get out a lot for date nights so it is important for us to spend time together when we can.

Hey Nablowies - posting every day is hard yo and this is only the third day!


  1. I'm nablowing (typing that made me giggle, yes I'm apparently 12) too. It is freaking hard.

    I've also had to tell my daughter to not lick the dog.

    You are also not alone in your laptop addiction, The Mister and myself do this too only exchange a laptop for him with hockey on TV.

  2. Um, I love this idea- can I borrow? Cause this is my husband and I with our iPhones!

    Also...if I could borrow an idea or two from you for Nablowies, that'd be great. My brain hurts. Ouch.

  3. We have a similar problem (in our house it's me on the laptop while my husband paints or draws. Either way, we're not engaged together).

    We used to do a game night, but then we realized that my husband got really pissed off that I wasn't as competitive as him, so it never bothered me if I was losing. This is part of why we're not allowed to play scrabble together anymore.