Wednesday, November 9, 2011


So I did this accent vlog last night and then spent all night trying to figure out how to upload the video and I never figured it out. Which is a shame because I was ridiculously cute and funny, didn't look tired, and my hair looked awesome. In related news, sometimes I exaggerate.

And then came today where I dealt with a teething toddler who has pinkeye. So I had to keep him cooped up in the house all day and he was going cuh-razy. Husband gets to stay home with him tomorrow. Good luck Honey!

So I wanted to keep up with my posting every day during November but last night's post got screwed up and today was just a cluster fuck of not-awesomeness. So all I have is a couple of parenting confessions:

1) When I read books to Leo I pretend I'm doing a voiceover for Reading Rainbow and try to read the story in my very best professional actor voice full of depth and emotion.

2) When I cook in the kitchen, I let Leo play on the floor around me and empty out my cabinets, play with pots and pans, etc. (while making sure he's safe and all). While he does this I day dream about his Food Network special where he says in his interview, "I grew up in my mom's kitchen, watching her cook and that's what inspired me to become a chef." And then he becomes a world famous chef, sells cookbooks, opens a restaurant, and takes care of me in my old age.

Ok that's all I got. Back to my appellate brief who is being a little bitch and won't write herself.

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