Monday, June 28, 2010

Panic Attack

I had a minor freak out the other day. Not about the impending baby (which, by the way, is still not here yet) but about internet security. My household has had a couple security threats lately (nothing major, thank goodness) and I started to panic about who could read my blog and if they could figure out where I live and such. Not that a lot of people read my blog, I'm pretty sure the majority of readers are either family or close friends. So I made my blog private. But then I was sad, I really like blogging. I really enjoy writing, even if it is about silly little things like my dogs or finding a turtle in my backyard. I'm not exactly in the most creative profession so the blog affords me a tiny creative outlet.

Plus, I like to go back and read my entries. Not because I'm obsessed with myself but because I like to see how I thought about certain situations and how my feelings may have changed. I also like to look at old pictures of fun times.

So, I'm back to having my blog public again. But I'm taking some security measures. Instead of signing my posts with my real name, I'm going to start signing with a pen name. Which for now is Mrs. Bulldog. My friend Rogue gave me this name on her blog and I can't think of anything else. Plus I love bulldogs. But I must clarify the name is not because I look like a bulldog, I don't, I hope. Bulldogs are very headstrong and stubborn. I think I have these qualities, so for now I will be Mrs. Bulldog unless I think of something else. Plus, most of you know my real name. And a handful of you probably even know that I was named after a Kennedy.

I also worry that people in my legal community and/or clients will read my blog. I'm pretty sure that this blog is not interesting enough to attract people who do not actually know me but you never know. I was a little worried about people in my professional life reading about how I want to hit my husband in the head with a frying pan over the mail or how I am obsessed with cookies. But I figure, these people must know that I have a life outside of the office and that life can get a little wacky at times. Every so often I will mention work in passing in my blog but mostly I keep the two very, very separate. So, another change will be no mention of work except that I am an attorney and I go to work. I'm sure there will be stories to come of being a working mom, but those will center more around juggling a baby and getting to the office in one piece, not the actual work I do.

I am also going to stop referring to my husband by name. Instead, I shall call him Captain America. I will call him this because this was his nickname in law school. I have no idea how he got the nickname but he is very American and he thinks he's the captain of our household so the nickname should work. The baby will just be Baby for now, I'll have to meet him before I can give him a nickname.

So there is my very long diatribe about my internet paranoia. Thanks for sticking around if you made it this far! Now, I'm off to search for cookies.


  1. Internet security is an issue, everyone has to find their own workaround to be comfortable and I am GLAD you are back with a workaround of your own. And to clarify to the world I gave you that name because you are adorable and smiley when you talk about your bully babies and it makes me smile thinking of that smile.

  2. Glad you're still blogging! I must admit I'm obsessively checking to see if you've had Baby yet! My blog is set to private for the same reasons you mentioned and it gives me some peace of mind that it's not open to the whole world because I'm not very good at censoring myself :)

  3. Glad you're back! Get ready for many more random panic attacks once Baby is here. Don't worry though, they're usually just momentary :)