Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Getting Near the End

Today I am 37 weeks pregnant and this is how I look and feel:

Actually not really, I don't have the pleasure of enjoying cool ocean spray all around me. I just feel gigantic, immobile, and my back hurts. I don't think my dinner is really helping these feelings, a peanut butter and jelly sandwich and two quesadillas isn't going to make anyone feel 100%. And I'm just waiting for a respectable time so I can eat some ice cream. I think 7:45pm is respectable. Although I'm not sure I can wait 45 minutes.

I know, I know I should should stop whining. I'm so close to the end. But seriously, I'm ready for this baby to come on out. My husband keeps telling me that I look like it shouldn't be physically possible for me to stand upright. Thanks babe. I'm of the opinion that the only thing you should ever say to a pregnant woman is "you look great!" There should never be any mention of size, or how she is carrying, or how she looks like she is about to pop.

Ok, I'm going to stop whining now. It's inefficient and unproductive. And we all know how I hate inefficiency and lack of productivity. Instead I shall focus my attention on ice cream and finding some crappy reality t.v. to watch. I might even read a baby book. I think I should be nesting and cleaning everything. But for once in my life, I just don't care about cleaning. Way too much effort right now. Ice cream and reality t.v. it is! Is it 7:45pm yet?

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