Sunday, August 22, 2010


This past weekend we loaded up the bullies and the baby and headed down to San Diego for a little mini vacay. It was our first night away from home with the Beast and I was a little bit nervous about not having everything I needed so I went crazy with the overpacking. I think I brought about 8 different outfits, six bibs, five burp clothes, enough diapers for a week, and an entire box of wipes. Plus the pack n play and stroller. Plus the bullies' beds, toys, food, and dishes. Plus my clothes, make-up, etc.

Needless to say our car was pretty darn full. Sorry Frankie, there wasn't much room for the bullies.

The bullies were dropped off at my husband's aunt and uncle's house. They have a huge, gorgeous backyard with lots of flowers and trees. Perfect for exploring. And they let the bullies sleep on their bed. It is definitely a vacation hot spot for the bullies.

We continued down south to the Mission Bay Hilton. The hotel is right on the beach with tree lined grounds, good restaurants, and a great pool.

I'm glad we brought the pack n play. It allowed me to set up a baby station where the Beast could sleep and get his diaper changed and such. This was great because I was really nervous about taking him to a hotel. See, I'm a total germ freak and hotels are just the worst for germs. I was totally stressed about putting him on the bed in case he touched the comforter. We've all seen those dateline specials about how gross those comforters are. And then I freaked out that if he touched the sheets the detergent the hotel used would irritate his sensitive skin. I wash everything in my house with perfume/dye free detergent and double rinse it. He couldn't possibly withstand anything less, right?

And of course, he was just fine on the sheets. He played in the big, comfortable bed and did not have any speck of a rash. Just another example of me freaking out for no reason at all.

I am so weird sometimes, I don't make any sense. I was totally freaked out about the sheets but thought it was just fine to take him in the pool with chlorine and a million other germy little kids. Again, he was just fine with the pool water (I rinsed him thoroughly when we were done).

I was very excited for his first time in the pool. The Beast? Not so much. He didn't react at all when we put him in the water. I suppose that is better than him screaming bloody murder when his little feet touched the water but I was hoping for a little smile at least.

Our mini vacay was wonderful. The weather was great, we got to watch the Sea World fireworks on the beach, and the husband and I finally got to spend some time together. It wasn't the most relaxing vacation ever, the Beast spent a fair amount of the night awake. But it was still a great vacation.

The only problem with the vacation was our eating. We have a tendency to go for an eating free-for-all while on vacation. Definitely not weight watchers friendly. I ate bacon twice while we were there and I don't even really like bacon!

We had coupons for a free continental breakfast at the hotel. When we got to the restaurant the waitress told us that we could use the coupon as a credit for anything on the menu, including the buffet. With the coupon it was only $8, what a deal! We couldn't pass that up.

We went from a plan of eating fruit and yogurt to this:

At least Captain America threw in some yogurt. I can't say the same for myself. There was also the dinner at the Mexican restaurant in Old Town, french fries with lunch, the shortbread I randomly ate at four in the morning when I got up to nurse the Beast (the package said "pure butter," not a good sign), wine, and beer. And all the bacon I inexplicably consumed. Sigh, tomorrow's weigh-in is gonna be ugly.

No vacation is complete without a trip to the gift store. Everytime we are on vacation we buy a Christmas ornament representative of our vacation. I found this one at the hotel gift store. How hilarious is this little starfish!? It even says San Diego. He is definitely going front and center on our tree this year.

We survived our first vacation with the Beast and had a great time. Tomorrow it's back to work for Captain America. I'll be enjoying my last week of maternity leave with the Beast. My plan is to hold him and snuggle him all day and never let him go. Ever. Not for a second. I may be a tad dramatic about my return to work.

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