Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Out and About

Today the Beast and I spent the day with Auntie Steph. Can you see what his shirt says? It says "[Olive] my aunt." How cute is that? Just one of the many adorable presents from his

We went to breakfast and then decided to hit Babies r Us and Target. I know terribly exciting but we were kind of limited in our options since we had a six week Beast in tow. Usually when Steph and I venture out into the world together we have to pause for a moment and remind ourselves to try to not look like complete dorks or be lame. I don't know why but whenever we are together we end up doing something very stupid. Our stupidity makes us die with laughter while the rest of the world just looks at us in pity.

When we got to Babies r Us I decided to wear the Beast to the store rather than wrestle with my massive stroller. Hmmm, so far the mission to not look like a dork is not going very well.

When I got to the cashier to pay for my stuff she asked for my rewards card. I reached for my keys because that is where the card is and couldn't find them. I started wildly tearing apart the baby bag, patting down all my pockets and freaking out. I thought Steph must have the keys, she didn't. And then I realized, OMG I left the car running in the parking lot! Steph made a mad dash out of the store to check while I finished paying. It turned out that I had managed to turn the car off and the keys were stuck in some crevice of the back seat. I definitely was not doing too well on the mission to not look like a dork or be lame.

We actually made it through Target unscathed. When we got home, the Beast needed to eat. I thought it was the perfect time to practice with my hooter hider. I'm trying to work up the nerve to be able to nurse in public so that I don't always have to lug around a bunch of bottles. My first step was to buy the hooter hider but I needed to make sure I could manage it. I figured it would be better for my sister to see accidental boob than say an entire restaurant.

I got the Beast all situated and threw on the hooter hider. It went pretty well until he started grabbing the hooter hider and thrashing it about with his hot little hand. I might have to rethink this nursing in public thing. I absolutely cannot have my son flashing my boobs for the world to see.

After the hooter hider trial run Steph went off to get a pedicure and I went to the doctor for my 6 week post partum check up. Hmmm, I got the short end of the stick on that one. My doctor said I looked great and gave me the all clear for exercise. That means no more excuses, I have to actually start exercising now. I'm determined to get rid of this Kate Gosselin belly if it kills me. Tomorrow I might actually try my new tae bo dvd. Maybe. I might be busy all day fostering my son's development. Or laying in bed with him watching 90210.

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