Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Baby Bunny

When you are a new mom who is on the verge of returning to work and feeling very sad about putting your little baby in daycare, do not, DO NOT read The Runaway Bunny to said baby.

The Runaway Bunny is about a little baby bunny who tries to run away from home and his mommy bunny's never-ending love and devotion to him. It is a very touching story and a classic. The whole time I was reading it, the Beast was cooing and making little sounds while I was crying and telling him that he was my little baby bunny and that I loved him and would always love him forever and ever. I am a tad emotional right now. The Beast just cooed and looked at me like I'm crazy...he's very smart because I am crazy.

So I made a deal with the Beast. He goes to daycare and when he turns sixteen I will buy him a brand new car. Not the fanciest car they make, but still a nice, cool car. And he will never have to work while school is in session (provided his GPA is acceptable). He'll only have to work during the summers. I can't have him being a total spoiled brat. So that is the trade-off. The Beast accepted the deal. He won't remember being in daycare this young but I'm pretty damn sure he's going to remember that car.

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