Monday, August 23, 2010

Sleeping On The Job

What the hell is this?

Are you napping? Do you not realize that it is mommy's last week of maternity leave? Don't you want to spend every possible second with me? Do you not realize that the world is going to end next week when I go back to work?

Ok fine, I guess the world isn't going to end next week and taking a little nap isn't a terrible idea. I seem to be the only one freaking out about my return to work next week. I love how the pacifier is wedged under his chubby cheek. I wasn't about to move it because I just couldn't wake that adorable little sleeping face.

My goal this week is not to stress out about my return to work and to not let that stress ruin my week with the Beast. I also need to stop buying stuff in preparation for his entry into daycare. I do not need a new outfit for him for every day of the week. He does not need a different little jacket for each new outfit. I do not need the expensive bottle carrier to transport his bottles from my house to his daycare which is about ten minutes away. He does not need a sleep sack in every color possible. I do not need to have enough diapers in my house to last until his first birthday. I must remember that I am simply going back to work and I am not moving away to a remote island. I must, must stay away from Target. Whew, with all this running through my head, a little nap is starting to sound pretty darn good.

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