Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Froggy Woggy

The Beast is becoming more interested in toys. He will look at them and follow them with his eyes if you move them side to side. I realize he looks pretty skeptical of this frog here but I swear he was enjoying me shaking a frog in his face saying "look at the froggy woggy, look that cutesy wutesy froggy woggy!" Sigh, I've become one of those crazy, baby-talking moms.

The Beast may not love his toys yet but let me tell you who does...Mickey. Once I started waving that little frog around she absolutely lost it.

First she popped up on the bed to see what was happening.

Then she went and got her own toy. I'm assuming she was going to share with the Beast or maybe exhange her toy for the frog.

She kept trying to get up on the bed. My pictures of her are blurry because she was seriously moving a mile a minute.

Mickey really wanted to play with the Beast. Well maybe not the Beast but definitely his toys.

After a few minutes of frenzied activity she finally hopped up on the bed. We used to allow the bullies on the furniture and our bed but have stopped doing so since the arrival of the baby. See, the bullies are very low to the ground and can't see where they are jumping. So they fling themselves with reckless abandon onto their desired piece of furniture. It really isn't good for them to be jumping like this and I definitely cannot have them potentially landing on the baby. So they have been banned from jumping on furniture. I wrestled the very confused Mickey off the bed and decided we had enough of playing with toys.

Frank just sat there and watched the whole thing. He just doesn't understand why that crazy bitch gets so worked up about toys.

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