Saturday, August 7, 2010

I Still Have A Lot To Learn

I'm a new mom. I've been on the job for about 5 weeks. I readily admit that I do not know everything about parenting and that sometimes I am just really clueless.

I'm am also a breastfeeding mom. This was initially very difficult for me and baby but after meeting with a lactation consultant, it has become quite easy. Although the lactation consultant failed to instruct me how to nurse in public. I have ordered a hooter hider but it hasn't come in the mail yet.

So my sister was visiting today and the Beast had to eat. I mean he had to eat right now. I thought about making him a bottle of formula but I was really too lazy to do that. I have not nursed in front of anyone besides my husband and I wasn't really ready to enter that territory. But I didn't want to tell my sister to leave and the Beast had to eat.

I knew women nursed in public with strategically placed blankets, so I went that route.

Obviously, I have a lot to learn about this whole nursing in public thing.

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