Thursday, March 22, 2012

Meal Planning Gone Awry aka How I Saved My House From Explosion

Meal planning didn't go exactly as planned this week because my mother-effing stove is broken.

Come on, my cooking isn't that bad.

On Thursday morning I thought I smelled gas coming from the stove and the oven had been making a really loud bang during preheating. The husband couldn't smell anything and thought I was crazy. I didn't listen to him and called the gas company. It turned out to be a defective valve. When I was preheating the oven the gas would just pool and then ignite (a delayed ignition). So basically, I saved the house from blowing up and I was totally right and the husband was wrong. Win! Except that now I can't use my stove.

However, no stove means going out to dinner which is definitely a win. The husband doesn't really care to have his picture taken in restaurants. But he's so cute, I can't help it.

Shit got real with Leo for a minute or two. Homeboy started dropping all the forks on the floor and I thought he was going to chuck his sippy cup across the restaurant. Luckily he calmed down when the fettuccine alfredo arrived. Which he proceed to smear all over himself. I think a couple of noodles made it in his mouth.

We are hoping to get the stove fixed this weekend or else I'll be planning a week of cooking in the microwave and the crock pot. Or maybe we will just eat out every night. Maybe we don't really need that thing fixed after all.


  1. Totally unrelated to the stove....I miss me some Orange County Mining Company! I loved that place! Leo looks so handsome and sophisticated with his meal!

    1. We love the salad bar there! It is hilarious to go there during prom season and see all the awkward teenagers. Actually makes me happy to be grown up : )

  2. Sorry about the oven but dinner out sounds excellent! OC blogger chicks unite!


  3. Yikes! So glad that you guys caught the problem!

  4. So glad that you listened to your instincts on this one! YAY for everyone being ok and that you survived your restaurant trip as well!