Thursday, March 8, 2012

How to Eat Steak for a Week

This week my meal planning was, once again, derailed. One very important thing about meal planning I have learned is sometimes you have to be flexible and improvise!

Monday was my birthday so my oh-so-amazing husband cooked me a very nice birthday dinner. The only problem was that he had bought $30 worth of filet mignon from Costco. Do you know how much filet that is? It was about four huge steaks. And seriously amazing. It actually was a really good deal even if we ate filet all week. I know, our lives our so hard.

Here is how our week went:

Sunday - I made a recipe I found on pinterest, crock pot buffalo chicken. I hated it. I'm not sure why I even made it, I hate buffalo sauce. I thought the ranch dressing mix would make it not so spicy but it was still flaming hot. Despite hating it, I ate it for dinner and choked it down for two lunches because I didn't want to waste the food. My depression era grandparents would be so proud.

Monday - Husband made filet, asparagus, and a caesar salad. That man can grill a steak.

Tuesday - Oh my gawd, dinner on Tuesday was so amazing. I made the Pioneer Woman's beef with snow peas with the leftover filet. It was divine. Seriously restaurant quality and really easy and really fast. I have a new favorite recipe. The only thing I would change is that I would double the sauce recipe. I like a fair amount of sauce over my rice. I think the fresh ginger is really what makes this stand out and you could use the sauce for any kind of stir fry. I could talk about this recipe for days. Let's move on.

Wednesday - Ok, down to the last filet. I made steak and eggs for brinner! Who doesn't love brinner? It reminds me of my dad. He always seemed to make brinner when my mom was working nights.

Along with the steak and eggs I made some skillet potatoes out of my recent farmer's market purchase. We finally made it down to our local farmer's market and then didn't have any cash. We only had enough cash to buy this little bag of potatoes. Total Farmer's Market fail. I felt all Charles Dickens like as I handed over my $3 and walked away with a tiny bag of potatoes. Please sir, may I have some potatoes? (Please read that with that poor Dickens British accent. Thanks.)

Hey look! It's Leo enjoying brinner. Except not. He only ate a tortilla. The boy turned down filet. I can't even.

Thursday: We had turkey/spinach meatballs with the Pioneer Woman's bow tie lasagna. I think I make this meal once a week. It is good, easy, and everyone eats it. Well, usually everyone eats it. I'm pretty sure Leo has eaten nothing but carbs this week except for the random two helpings of green beans he ate at daycare today. Also, if the Pioneer Woman didn't exist I'm pretty sure my family wouldn't eat.

Tomorrow we are going out to dinner with friends and Saturday we have a play/dinner date with friends. I'm starting to run out of recipe ideas. I have no idea what I'm going to cook next week. I'm starting to get sick of my tried and true recipes and I don't really have any new ones to try. Suggestions are welcomed!

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  1. Whoa. You are so good! Making different meals that sound so yum. Also? Filet is the best steak ever in life. Ever.