Wednesday, March 9, 2011

A Helluva Day...In A Good Way

Today was a rockin' working momma day. I feel the need to document this kind of day because all too often there are drag you down, knock you out kind of working momma days and I want to remember that there are good days.

The Beast had a pretty early wake up call at 5am but he was happy so I didn't mind too much. I pulled him in the bed with the husband and myself and let him crawl over us while we woke up.

Drop off at daycare was uneventful. He was asleep and I left him in his crib looking like a peaceful little angel. My day at work was just so-so. I had a bit of a "zone out" period this afternoon because I was pretty tired after getting up so early. But I got some work done, had a few good laughs with co-workers, and had a decent lunch.

I realize that my day sounds mediocre so far but I rocked it after work. We had absolutely no food in the house. I mean I couldn't even scrape together grilled cheese and tomato soup. I just could not bring myself to eat take out one more time so I decided that I would have to go to the store after picking up the Beast from daycare. Not only would I have to go to the store but I would have to cook the dinner. Normally, I have a strict "we must go straight home from daycare" policy. I want to be able to enjoy every possible moment with my son after work so I never ever run errands after work with him. Plus, after daycare is the countdown time to bedtime and the Beast can get a little, well, beastly.

Despite my apprehension I thought I would give going to the grocery store after daycare a shot. I picked up the Beast, who had a great day at daycare, and headed to the store. At the store I strapped him in the ergo because I had just read an article that grocery store carts are covered in fecal matter and e. coli. Um, how disgusting is that? I don't even want to know how fecal matter gets on the cart but I was not about to put my son in such a filth ridden contraption.

Walking around the store with the Beast in the ergo was actually really fun. He got to look at all the bright things and I explained to him all the stuff I was buying. I got lots of friendly smiles as I walked around with my baby strapped to my chest. At home I managed to cook chicken parm, feed the Beast some homemade green beans (which he actually ate!), get in some playtime, have a fun bath, and put him to bed. I have since enjoyed my chicken parm and I'm watching Miss Congeniality while drinking a glass of wine. Not too freaking bad.

Of course nothing is perfect. I had to enjoy my dinner alone because my poor husband is at urgent care with a horrific sinus infection. But he finally got medicine so he can stop being so damn disgusting with all his snot aka feel better. Whew, now I'm tired. Back to my chick flick and wine.

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  1. The woman who does it all with a huge smile on her face! You ROCK.