Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Doing It All

Oh Lordy today was a day. It started off fine. I had one meeting to attend and then I was leaving early to get the baby and take Mickey to the vet for some skin issues. Seems simple enough. Um yeah, not so much. At my meeting I learned of some facts/issues that basically sent my office into panic mode. Like "oh shit, we need to get a game plan to deal with this issue now" mode. So I leaped into action, writing letters, emails, calling people, apprising them of the situation and coming up with solutions.

Oh crap, I'm supposed to leave early to take my dog to the vet. I haven't told my boss yet and I need to leave in an hour. Work is exploding but my puppy is sick. What to do? I tidied up the situation the best I could, sent the boss an email, and proceed to haul ass to daycare so I could get the kid, get home, get the dog, and get to the vet on time.

Of course as I'm pulling into the house, my boss calls and wants to discuss the event for me. So I'm talking through things as I'm changing Leo out of the random outfit daycare put on him after a blowout diaper, trying to get out of my work clothes, pack a diaper bag, find the dog's collar, etc. Luckily my boss was super understanding of my puppy's needs and didn't mind at all that I had left early. (I swear I will only work for a women who has kids and is a dog lover, they just get it.)

I made it to the vet on time, explained the problem to the doctor and everthing was going well. Then he asked me, "so what do you do besides being a fulltime mom?"

I thought this was an odd question. I answered that I was an attorney but I thought what if I didn't have an "outside the home" job? That would have been really awkward. Here I was, during the work day, in shorts and flip flops. I clearly didn't look professional or even employed.

The vet started mumbling, "full time job, kid, a dog, hard to keep up, hard to do it all." I replied, "actually I have two dogs, I left one at home." He said, "you just can't do it all." I replied, "I try my best."

He repeated, "you just can't do it all." Um, excuse me? Am I not here at the vet in the middle of the work day just to make sure my dog is taken care of? Is my happy, well adjusted toddler not eating nutritous snacks and reading his numbers book which I thoughtfully packed to keep him occupied? Am I not checking my phone and reading work emails, determining if anything needs my immediate attention? Am I not dropping $200 on various medicines and anal gland expression without batting any eye because my husband and I both work and, bottom line, we can afford that?

I do believe, good sir, that you are in the middle of observing me "doing it all" right in front of your very eyes. What a strange guy, with strange mumblings.

Even though the vet was odd, he fixed Mickey up. She had some hot spots and to keep her from itching them, we put a t-shirt on her. She's doing well and looks darn cute.

In unrelated news, Leo has started planking. I don't understand these kids and their crazy trends. He can also open the lid to the toilet. Super fun.


  1. I would have given that vet a piece of my mind. Who is vet-man to judge whether or not you can do something.

    Next time tell him you are a proud supporter of the Mom-it-up movement. Because sometimes your only option is to Mom-up.

  2. Geez! If you need a new vet, I have a GREAT recommendation from when I lived in your area. He was AMAZING and treated my family dog all 14 years of her life and then tackled my two cats. Just let me know!

  3. OMG I love the Mom-Up. That needs a logo and t-shirts.