Tuesday, September 7, 2010


I had these big plans to blog about my great, long weekend which was really fabulous. We did all sorts of fun things, saw family, friends, relaxed a bit, and even got the house clean. But then my little baby Beast got sick. Cue working mom guilt. And now all I can focus on is my poor little baby and the horrendous chest cold he has. And I didn't even get to take him to the doctor. Captain America had to take him because, well I'm on day 3 of a brand new job and I couldn't just take a day off. There is nothing sadder than the sound of a tiny, little baby cough. Breaks my heart everytime.

And I now have that horrendous cold. And I'm beyond exhausted from staying up all night sucking the snot out of the Beast's nose. So I'm going to bed.

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