Wednesday, December 23, 2009

An Announcement

So it has been well over a month and half since I last posted something on my blog.

Here are my excuses (please note these excuse also apply to not doing the dishes/laundry, zoning out at work, and the general laziness of the last couple months):

1. I was tired.

2. I was hungry.

3. I was busy yelling at my husband for something he didn't do/had no control over, then crying inconsolably until he drove me to Jack in the Box for an oreo cookie shake.

4. I was asleep.

5. I was busy diagnosing myself with various maladies via Google.

6. I was busy lurking on online message boards.

7. I was trying to keep a secret and was afraid I wouldn't be able to resist blogging about it.

You might be asking why the above-described things kept me from blogging, well to sum it all up...I'm pregnant! I am due on June 23, 2009 and I am 14 weeks along. I haven't been blogging because for the first trimester I was literally in bed by 8pm and had absolutely no energy. Plus I spent all my internet time reading message boards, researching my symptoms, researching my lack of symptoms, researching symptoms I thought I should have, researching phantom symptoms, etc. Thinking about my pregnancy, worrying about my pregnancy, feeling like crap about my pregnancy has consumed me for the past couple of months. I also did not want to tell the internet world my big news until I was in my second trimester. So now I'm in my second trimester, I heard the baby's heartbeat on Monday, and I'm feeling a lot better. So there you go blogging world, I'm pregnant!


  1. Yea I am SO SUPER DUPER HAPPY you are back, I have been waiting for you. Now you can share all your learned knowledge with those of us who are hopefully going to follow close on your heels :)

  2. This is so exciting! What a great way for you guys to start 2010! CONGRATULATIONS!!