Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Hello Again

I know I have neglected my blog lately. I'm not entirely sure why, my excuse was that I just have not done anything interesting enough to blog about lately. But then, in thinking about my blog, I realized most of the stuff I blog about is not really all that interesting. My blog is just snippets of my somewhat ordinary life with some pictures. It doesn't help that lately I have just been exhausted. Work has been crazy busy, Brady has been working a ton, most nights I come home from work, eat dinner, and go to bed. My house is a mess, my dogs have not been walked in ages (not that Frank cares), and all my little projects are in a stand still.

I finally got around to one of my projects tonight, mending dog toys. My bullies tear through toys in minutes, sometimes seconds. And they love their toys. They need their toys. The toys keep them occupied and keep them from chewing on shoes, couches, purses, etc. The toys are essential. I spend lots of money on toys, so much that I have started sewing up the little holes.

The bullies had ripped through all but one toy, so I finally busted out the sewing kit and fixed some of their toys. Yes, I realize that my husband and I are attorneys and we can afford to buy more dog toys but it is the principle of the matter, I just bought all these toys and I'll be damned if I'm going to buy dog toys every week!

Frank is so excited for his toy, he wants it bad. I probably should just give it to him instead of taunting him while I take a picture.

Look at my little angels, waiting so patiently for their toys. A moment of calm before there is stuffing all over my house again.

Aren't you glad I started blogging again? How else would you have heard that I spent my Wednesday night sewing dog toys?

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  1. YEA you are BACK!!! And I feel you about the toys, they are expensive.