Friday, June 3, 2011

A Male's Point of View

Tonight I wanted to get a male perspective on the concept of the "mommy wars" and if men experienced the same conflict. My subject was my husband.

Me: Do you feel guilty that you work and do not stay home with the Beast?

Captain America: No.

Me: When people ask you "what do you do?" how do you respond?

Captain America: I'm a fucking civil litigator.

Me: You don't say you are a full time dad?

Captain America: ::looks at me like I'm insane:: No.

Me: Are you jealous of stay at home dads?

Captain America: Yes, they don't have to work.

Me: Do you know any stay at home dads?

Captain America: No.

Me: Have you experienced any "daddy wars?"

Captain America: No.

Me: Do you get upset when people label you as an attorney and not as a dad?

Captain America: Why are you asking these stupid questions? People that argue about that or make that a big issue are fucking self absorbed and trying to make themselves feel better.

I love him. And I'm adopting his attitude.

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  1. Where is the Love button. Men have it so easy sometimes!